Donald Stidhem, known as Luminous 0n3, is an independent Messianic CHH (Christian Hip Hop) artist, youth pastor and minister.

Luminous 0n3 lives by two Scriptures, Romans 1:16 and 1 Samuel 17:37, because he believes that all believers (disciples) are to live unashamedly for Yeshua (Jesus) and have no fear of anything in this world.

He comes from a life of drug dealing, gang activity, armed robbery and 20 years in prison due to his activities in that lifestyle.

While in prison continuing this lifestyle he had a life changing experience with Yeshua and now uses the gift of music to promote faith and speak up against the life he used to live and promote.

While in prison he worked closely with another believer, Jeremy Eckhardt, as a duo named HaMalakim (Hebrew for The Messengers), and recorded an album called “The Yehua E.P.“ He also recorded and mixed and mastered his first solo album “Shattered Hearts“ along with the majority of “Making Of A Messenger“ while still in prison.

Since his release from prison he has started a CHH label, ministry, and clothing line called “His Light Entertainment“ where he can use all of his artistic abilities to share the Gospel of Yeshua with the world.

While doing all of this after having his life changed he has never forgotten where he comes from and though he has had his life changed through his faith in Yeshua he continues to reach out to gang members, drug addicts, drug dealers and those still in prison and being released. His heart is for those that are still lost in the lifestyle that he came from and he performs music at bars, youth detention centers, and every other place that he has a chance to shine the light of Yeshua.